Change For A Dollar is all about inspiring hope and meeting others' needs. What if God changed the lives of people in the Flathead Valley through you and me, just by each person donating $1 every week? In 2019, we bought sleeping bag coats for people experiencing homelessness and gave money to Flathead Electric to help those who couldn't pay their electric bills.
God has called us to be his hands and feet, and this is one tangible way we can do that.

Ways to donate:
Change for dollar boxes set out during service and donating it in our donation platform on our phone app and our website.
In donation envelopes, mark other and specify Change for a dollar Or through our online giving platform.

Please look below for what we have done the past two quarters of 2023.

Quarter Four 2023 GAP Fillers Flathead

We are currently raising funds for this group.

Gap Fillers Flathead started with a phone call between 3 friends. Our desire was simple – to help kids with no barriers to giving. From there, we contacted 2 more friends, also professionals, and the dye was cast for Gap Fillers Flathead. The birth of our organization was as grass roots as it gets.
Our Board Members include: A high school Principal, a forensic accountant, an attorney (Founder), a retired law enforcement officer, a public relations specialist, and long-time Flathead business owner and community volunteer. Gap Fillers Flathead has no Executive Officers and no salaries are being paid. 100% of your donation stays in the greater Flathead Valley for our area school children.

Quarter Three was Braveheart Chaplain Ministry

Braveheart Chaplain Ministry serves law enforcement and fire department staff as well as citizens experiencing a life-changing crisis.
Braveheart has also provided services to: Glacier National Park, U.S. Forest Service, Montana Highway Patrol, U.S. Border Patrol, Evergreen Fire Department, and other volunteer fire departments.
Besides responding to traumatic situations and providing emotional and logistical support to citizens in need, a chaplain to emergency services personnel also provides support to first responders in their daily duties. Because their vocation brings them face-to-face with crises, stress is a built in part of a first responder’s vocation.
Some of the more common aspects of chaplain service include assisting the staff on calls, offering professional debriefing after difficult calls, providing resources to citizens dealing with a crisis, Bible studies and professional seminars, participating in weddings and funerals, and celebrating the birth of children.
Chaplains have the privilege of being a part of people’s lives at some of the most difficult moments and during some of the brightest. Whether it is a funeral or a wedding, an unexpected death or the birth of a baby, chaplains are there to walk with those they serve.

Quarter 3 of 2023 we raised over $910.00 for this ministry.