Building Family by Building Trust with Our Youth
  • Ephesians 6:13
  • Trusting Family
  • Trusting the Church Family
  • Trusting the Lord

That the youth will have…
  • Integration into and participation in Sunday services and other church activities
  • Increased excitement about being involved in church-wide opportunities
  • Visible relationships across the generations in the church body
  • Trusting relationships with their parents
  • Understanding and application of God’s truth to their lives
  • Demonstration of signs of maturing and growing faith through sanctification

Trusting Family – Ensuring a Safe Place
• Encourage a culture of connection between youth and parents
  • Trusting Church Family – Develop a Network of Support and Guidance
    Connect youth with the congregation to provide a trusted support network to weather life’s storms
  • Trusting God – Building a Real and Live Relationship with God
    Develop a firm, basic understanding of key theological tenets, including the personhood
    and work of the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit, sanctification, worship, sin, salvation, baptism, etc.
  • Equip youth for the mission, locally and abroad
  • Discover spiritual gifts and calling/purpose in the church and community
  • Teach and encourage spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation on the Word, a proper study of the scriptures, etc.
  • Develop a firm sense of worldview through the lens of God’s Word.

A congregation that is willing to engage and invest in our youth
  • An environment that welcomes youth and provides a space conducive to their season in life
  • Age-appropriate teaching – Bible studies with youth applications
  • Activities – such as worship and games – that encourage exercising of gifts and talents, relationship building, and teaching teamwork
  • Integration with Men’s and Women’s Ministry activities where appropriate
  • Prayer, prayer, and more prayer