The God of all comfort wk 14

The God of all comfort wk 14


  1. Where the Corinthians were
  2. Paul’s Response
  3. His need for an offering
  4. Vs 5 – A Generous Gift
  5. Time to think about it
  6. God will provide your every vs. 8
  7. You can’t outgive God vs 14-15
  1. Nature teaches us this Law of Seed Time & Harvest
  2. Slides
  3. Friend with a hand full of grain
  4. Plant in order to harvest
  5. Relationships teach us about the Law of Seed Time & Harvest.
  6. We are encouraged to invest in relationships. John 13:34-35
  7. Hard to love some people.
  8. We need each other
  9. Must be willing to take a risk
  10. Jesus taught us that when we give (are generous) we will receive –
  11. Luke 6:38
  12. Two possibilities
  13. God’s Provision
  14. Peoples response

               b.  Matt 5:7

  1. God is merciful to those who are merciful
  2. Others will be merciful
  3. Being generous proves our trust in Him
  4. Mark 10:28-30
  5. A hundred times as much in this life and then eternal life


  1. When we give, others give
  2. When we give God gives
  3. When we give we enjoy the assurance of God’s pleasure.


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