All ministry events, whether on a FAMILY LIFE campus or not, should be first requested here. Please carefully fill in event details on that site, including a description. The description can be broad, but should accurately describe the event so that a person attending would generally know what to expect.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.
*Not all events will be given approval for video
**If yes, you'll need to have a qualified Sound/Video Tech. One can be provided at an additional cost.
**If you need to set up Tables/Chairs you are responsible to place everything back the way it was originally set up. This is especially true when using the East Auditorium(Main).
**If you select yes please note that your ministry must supply the following: Coffee, Creamer and Sugar

Below is to be used for an event spanning multiple days

This the date the event begins
Beginning time and ending time

*Standard communications avenues include the announcement slides, the FAMILY LIFE website, and social media as well as hand-outs(or inserts). Not all avenues will be used for every event or announcement. All of these avenues are considered “publicity.”